Jet Ski Fishing

Much like kayak fishing we will target areas seldom or never fished by the local fleet. We have the option to fish The Nine Mile Bank, North San Diego county or in or near the world famous La Jolla and Point Loma kelp beds. Targeted species will be White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Calico and Sand Bass, Halibut, Barracuda and Rock Fish.

Depending on conditions and the group, we will be fishing and spearing at Los Coronado’s Islands, 17 miles southwest of San Diego (Mexican fishing license required). During the summer months we see schools of Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna and Dorado under the kelp patties offshore. As the water warms and the season progresses into August the Tuna and the Dorado move north with the current and Marlin make a showing. All these spots are within reach on our custom Yamaha watercraft (3 and 4 person).

Fishing Tours– $250 per person (6 hours)
Freediving/Spearing-$150 per person/2 per ski
$250 one person

*Prices include: Fuel, ice, bait tank, pole holders and leashes, all safety gear, radios, gaff and a pole mount for your Go Pro. All you need to bring is poles and tackle.

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Why You Should Go Jet Ski Fishing!

“Jet ski fishing was a lot more fun than I imagined. Felt great to be hands on and up close and personal. Great alternative to cattle boats!”
—Kristian Z., San Diego, CA

“Our facilitator Michael was a wealth of local knowledge. After making squid, we found ourselves in great position to catch Yellowtail and White Sea Bass.”
—Patrick E. Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are interested in jet ski fishing on the East Coast
contact pioneer and 12 year veteran Jet Ski Brian, located in Virginia Beach. or call 757-342-5780