For a first timer on a seadoo, I was scared. With that said, I still had a great time! i didnt know they went so fast and I wish i had the balls to just go full speed and enjoy myself like a maniac. but I took it kinda cruise mode haha anyway!

The rental process is legit. The staff is knowledgeable, understanding, flexible and nice. 5 stars for service. I take away one star because it was a hassle for us to drive to the bay, drop off the seadoos, go back and return the tow vehicle, then come back with your car because you get charged $200 if you keep their vehicle during your session. So if you have your own tow car, use it.

If not, its nicce that they let you borrow it, but its still a bit of a hassle to go back and forth.

If you’re a first timer id recommend you to rent from a place where you can just start on the water. where you dont have to tow your own vehicle, dock it, drop it off, put it back up, drive it back, omg. lol

but if youve done this before, this is a legit place to rent your seadoos from!

— Gina H., Torrance, CA


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