The other day a group of friends and I decided to rent a jet-ski and for a few hours… we found this place online and they had great rates so we decided to try them out. My boyfriend luckily had a van to tow the jet ski. When he got there they told him the best area to launch and even told him that since it was the last rental of the day we could keep it for a little longer.

The overall experience was great going and out in the water and feeling the wind and water against your face… and in your eyes haha. Tip: Bring a pair of sunglasses you don’t mind getting wet 🙂 We didn’t encounter any of the issues that others on here did in terms of towing the equipment yourself but its understandable that problems could arise. Most places that rent directly from launch spots just tend to have jacked up rates because of convenience so this place is recommended!

— Amanda L., San Diego, CA



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